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Important information!

Before you register your child, you should know the following commitment:

  1. The National Assembly shall approve operations at the present location.
  2. Approval of all agents (parents) is required.
  3. Some medical conditions are an obstacle to circumcision. The responsible physicist will study the final decision as to whether or not the child is involved.
  4. Complete details of the health condition requires.

Before circumcision:

  1. Sanitary measures (bathing / bathing, nails, clean clothes)
  2. Written information about current medications for patients, ie current and past diseases or surgeries to be borne by customers.
  3. The child should be healthy from any infections.
  4. Approval from agents (guards) is required.

After circumcision:

  1. Information on pain relief. Drink fluids.
  2. Information about hygiene measures and pain patients.
  3. Information about possible complications, bleeding or infections.
  4. Information about contact with health care providers.

How it works:

The operation is performed only with local anesthesia. For children who do not lend themselves to this method, the shortcut takes its place later.
The procedure is carried out under strict conditions and following approved surgical methods.
Further consultation is determined by the attending physician, the extra fee required.

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